Dear customers,
Let us introduce to you our join stock company Elektroprof Tábor founded in 1991. Its main activity is full deliveries in the field of electric equipment. We can offer you our experience concerning industrial applications, energetics and housing construction. Today our company has 92 employees, all of them qualified and experienced specialists well-trained in project formation, switchboard production, high-tension and light-current assembly and checking and service activities. Our company´s main advantage is the offer of its own capacities concerning service projection, switchboard production, electrical assembly, checking and service. On the basis of these capacities we are able to fulfil our customers’ demands for quality and fair prices. The basic principle of our company is the reliable approach to our business partners’ requirements, due to the high qualification of our employees. For that reason we have received the ISO 9002 certificate. The high quality level of our products is ensured by a steady pursuit of the technical development in our branch of industry, the reinvestment into project software programs and production technologies. We a attach great importance to our employees´ continuous training. The company’s focus on leading world and inland suppliers of switchgear cabinets and components makes it possible for us to offer advanced technical solutions relevant to safety, reliability and the individual manufacturing of delivered switchboards.

We hope following short summary of our present realized orders helps you to choose your future supplier.